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Women in Tech: Who is Grace Hopper?

Cloud Computing is a field with growing opportunities for women. But it wasn’t always that way. Find out how Grace Hopper (1906-1992) helped advance the presence of women in tech with her work.

Grace Hopper’s Software Contributions

For her key contributions to creating the first compilers, Grace Hopper is often referred to as the First Lady of Software. These machines were officially called UNIVAC, a synonym for Universal Automatic Computers. This software was what NASA relied on to both get and send messages with astronauts. These machines were the origins of the computers as we know them today.

Grace Hopper helped to design the Mark I computer and later went on to contribute to the designs for Mark II and Mark III, which were the subsequent generations of the machine. She also created many of the tech terms we still use today, such as “bugs” to describe computer problems. This was all while serving as rear admiral for the U.S. navy and computer scientist.

Celebrating Women in Tech

Grace Hopper continues played a pivotal role in advancing computer programming and being a role model for women in tech. She posthumously received the Presidential Medal of Freedom; that ceremony occurred in 2016. Find out more about her work and legacy at When Women Inspire.

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