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Do you have a traditional work schedule Monday to Friday?

Why the Monday to Friday Work Week is Changing

Traditionally, many jobs were Monday to Friday. The shifts were daytime shifts, typically 9am to 5:30pm and weekends were days off. Today, schedules are changing for many jobs in many countries. The number of people who now work jobs during the weekends and nights are growing steadily.

While some jobs require a Tuesday to Saturday shift, other businesses require employees to work set weekends. Monday, traditionally the first day of the work week, can now be the last shift day or the “Friday” for many people. Monday has become “Friday” in this situation.

Why the Monday to Friday Work Schedule Change?

Online Excitement

The Internet is growing in popularity as a way to earn income. Money can be earned today by taking online surveys, writing for websites, and even being paid to post Tweets for companies.

Computers can be logged on to any day and time of the week. The impact of its flexible nature is that the traditional work schedule need not be followed.

If people can make more money by working a ten hour day and get more online traffic during the weekends then weekdays, it makes sense financially to adapt a schedule outside of the Monday to Friday regiment.


Stay at home parents are now able to earn primary or extra income using the computer. When the little ones nap, thirty minutes of online work activity be squeezed in to the day.

That quiet time can happen just as easily on a Sunday as a Thursday. Keeping a traditional work schedule does not make sense as the computer availability spans weekends as well.

Busy schedules
Busy schedules. Tick tock. Photo via Unsplash

Busy, Busy

Schedules today are busy. With smartphone in hand, many people text as they walk and have several lines to their daily to-do lists.

Given the growing number of tasks to accomplish and that the hands of time keep ticking, many work days are longer and include weekend days. Taking time off for Saturday and Sunday may not be feasible if there are many tasks to communicate about with short deadlines.

Redefining the Work Week

The work week now spans any day of the week and any time of day. With economic downturns affecting many countries, people may have to take positions outside of the traditional work schedule to be able to generate income. Paying bills may outweigh having weekends off of work.

Priorities are changing as are the nature of many jobs. The new definition of the work week provides another way to describe how our lives today are anything but traditional. What does your work schedule look like?

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