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Silk City Recruiting’s Top 5 Reasons to Hire Veterans

Sadly, many employers are hesitant to hire veterans, and at Silk City Recruiting we couldn’t disagree more. We believe hiring veterans is not only a great idea but also essential to a winning team. That’s why we put together our top five reasons why we welcome and encourage veterans to join us in transforming the life insurance industry.

1. Health Focused

Veterans pay attention to their own physical health and well-being. They have had to follow extreme health regimens while enlisted, and many of them continue these routines while no longer enlisted.

2. Great Work Ethic

Another great reason to hire veterans? Their strong work ethic. They generally are calm and steady. They don’t get highly emotional (less office drama), and keep their cool under stressful circumstances. Meeting that office deadline or goal will be a walk in the park compared to what many of them have experienced in their past career.

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3. Why Hire Veterans? Get a Tech Savvy Employee

Veterans are often introduced to the latest technology long before that technology becomes available to the public. Thanks to Virtual Financial’s cutting-edge business model you’ll never need a jet-pack to go on any appointments, but we’ll certainly take that military expertise using computers and the internet.

4. Background Check Clearance

Veterans have already passed extensive background checks. In the life insurance industry, as in any financial service sector, you need a background check for employment. Depending on their mission of specialty, many veterans have already gotten clearance, some to a very high level.

5. Strong People Skills

Veterans bring:

  • High energy
  • Respect procedures
  • Understand authority

They also often possess great leadership abilities and are excellent communicators. Also, they typically are collaborative, and they empower others. Veterans also bring experience working in different environments. And with a range of cultures. In other words, putting an employment strategy to hire veterans means you’ll likely get someone with excellent people skills in your organization.

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Benefits for Veterans Working in the Insurance Sector

If you aren’t already hiring veterans, then you’re missing out on a qualified talent pool. If you’re a veteran, then you can study for your life insurance license anywhere in the world. And it’s covered under the G.I. Bill. Virtual Financial allows you the freedom to build your own insurance agency from anywhere you’re stationed too.

This benefits the many veterans who wish to stay on active reserves after discharged. Also, Virtual Financial perfectly suits reservists too by providing the freedom to work where, when, and how one chooses. Silk City Recruiting is licensed in New Jersey and Arkansas to provide recruitment marketing for Virtual Financial nationwide. We have been transforming the life insurance industry since 2014. There is greater genuine potential than many other work from home jobs.

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Richard Zaengle is the CEO of the Silk City Media Group providing recruitment marketing services and other content focused on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, insurance, and other financial services.

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