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Why Hire Older Workers? 9 Benefits They Bring

Out with the old, in with the new; this appears to be the underlying philosophy of some companies. However, if you fixate on the benefits of young, dynamic employees, it might be time to reconsider your view. Before you put your over-50 workers out to grass or leave out certain candidates, read on. Here are 9 things you are missing out on by not employing and retaining older workers. There are great reasons for why hire older workers.

1. Breadth of Experience

An older employee will bring a wide range of experience with them. They will have learned from their life experiences, and they will likely have a few career changes under their belt. Some of the knowledge that an older worker has may not be relevant to their business role.

Even so, that knowledge may still come in useful when you hire older workers. You might find, for example, that an older employee has experience in an industry that you want to target. Or, they may have worked in a part of the world in which you wish to market your products.

2. Depth of Experience

A mature worker will also have an in-depth knowledge of their specialization. A newly qualified accountant, for example, might arguably be more up to date with the latest statutory requirements.

However, an older accountant will likely have hands-on experience in producing accounts for businesses in many types of industries. In some professions, a more senior worker’s knowledge of doing their job in the pre-digital age will also have given them a better understanding of the underlying principles.

3. Work Ethic

Of course, most of the reasons why older workers shouldn’t be written off are generalizations. Even so, it is safe to assume that a senior employee will have developed a proper attitude to work.

Older workers are typically good timekeepers, and they are not afraid of a bit of hard work. The dramatic challenges in life are generally behind older people, too.

4. More Reasons to Hire Older Workers: Loyalty

Not everyone over 50 years of age will have achieved all their ambitions. However, most senior workers will not be hopping from one job to the next, whether it’s a law firm or another type of organization.

You can generally expect a senior worker to be more loyal to the business than a young worker. You will still need to offer older employees new challenges and opportunities, but if you keep a senior worker engaged, they will likely become a long-term reliable worker.

5. Team Collaboration

Experienced workers usually make great team players. Someone over 50 is unlikely to let their ego get in the way of team collaboration.

A mature employee can also be a stabilizing influence on what would otherwise be a volatile young team by becoming the unofficial team leader and mentor. That’s inspiring!

6. Cool Head in a Crisis

It is quite likely that an older employee has seen the highs and lows of business fortunes before. They will have learned from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

A senior employee is likely to be the one who keeps a clear head in a crisis. They will have been there before, so it will not faze them the second time around.

7. Why Hire Older Workers? Great Productivity

Studies have proven that teams with diverse age groups are more productive than single age group teams. The experience of the older team members helps to inform and inspire younger people. At the same time, the enthusiasm and vigor of the young team members keeps the senior workers on their toes!

8. Decision-making Skills

According to Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview, hiring managers usually looked for qualities which are enthusiasm, technical interest, and confidence. Older people are generally more confident in their own abilities.

The breadth of experience that a senior employee has will also help them make more balanced and well thought out decisions than a younger worker might make.

9. Mentorship

Senior employees will help your younger employees grow and develop in their roles. Older people are usually happy to pass on their skills and knowledge to the younger generation.

A younger employee might resent a coworker getting a promotion. In contrast, a senior worker would be gratified to know that they have helped a young person achieve their potential.

Conclusion on Why Hire Older Workers

Senior employees can bring experience, stability, and mentorship to an organization. An older person can play a pivotal role in developing a cohesive team.

Young employees, on the other hand, bring new ideas and bucket loads of enthusiasm. The crucial thing for businesses to appreciate is that it is a mix of the old and the new that brings the best overall results.

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