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Wellness initiatives for employees

Great Wellness Initiatives for Employees

As a business owner, you are constantly looking at ways to increase productivity and profits by implementing the latest technology, streamlining processes, and cutting costs. That’s all very good but many still overlook the easiest way of boosting productivity in the workplace. That is, helping workers feel better. With that in mind, here are great work well-being programs or wellness initiatives for employees.

Well-being at Work

There’s a lot of talk about wellbeing programs for employees. Forward-thinking corporations are already on board with the well-being-at-work trend and happy with the results.

Let’s look at the benefits of well-being programs for employees and the simple steps your organization can take to implement them. Helping your staff stay healthy and stress-free is good for them and you.

Introduce Physical Activity Programs

Many people in the corporate world spend most of the day at their desks, hunched over keyboards. Poor posture and a largely sedentary lifestyle can combine for negative health consequences, whether it’s a home office or not.

That can mean the number of sick days for your workers increases, which reduces your organizations productivity. In turn, you experience lower profits than if they were healthier.

In response, the easiest and most affordable thing to do is to introduce physical breaks, preferably unscheduled because people don’t like being told what to do. Encourage your employees to get out for a quick walk around the building, the park, or a nearby trail, if possible.

More Wellness Initiatives for Employees’ Physical Health

Consider starting activity clubs too. Walking and biking groups are two examples.

Then encourage your team to join them. Use posters and send newsletters to share the message. Introduce a “Bike to Work” challenge, and install bicycle racks outside the building.

Another idea is to provide employees membership at local gyms, spas, or recreational clubs. Look for discounted offers or try to make a corporate membership deal.

You might go another step and provide wellness initiatives for employees by creating a small on-site gym. A couple of stationary bikes and a treadmill are a good start. Or, turn an outside area into a tennis court and add a running trail.

Encourage your employees to use apps to monitor their physical activity while exercising too. Another great option is to create an on-site meditation area. That is where employees can relax during their breaks.

Work well-being programs for employees
Swap out unhealthy snacks in on-site vending machines for healthy choices like granola bars. Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels.

Promote Healthy Eating Habits

High-quality food is essential for employees’ health. Start by throwing out all the junk food in the vending machines and cafeteria. Replace them with healthy options. Instead of candy bars and chips, have whole-grain bars and natural fruit juice in the vending machines.

A cheap way of making sure your employees don’t go out and grab a pizza during their break is to encourage them to bring a packed lunch to work. Don’t forget to provide refrigerators and microwaves to make this initiative easier for them.

Make sure the food options available in the building are nutritional. You might even start a weight-loss challenge for the team.

Benefits of Wellness Initiatives for Employees

Studies show that wellness initiatives for employees can increase productivity at a small cost. By encouraging your staff to be physically active and eat better, people are healthier and work better.

They might lose 15 minutes working by taking a walk. That’s true. But, perhaps more importantly, they will return to their desks with more energy than before. A brisk walk can refresh the mind. Getting outdoors and active can also reduce stress, making them more productive during the time at their desks.


Taking care of your employees’ health matters can help your organization lower sick leave that would otherwise be very costly. Failing to start great wellness initiatives for employees can cost thousands of dollar per year per worker.

Finally, creating well-being programs shows employees that you care about them. They are then more likely to feel appreciated. They then feel the motivation to work harder.

At the same time, the programs increase employee retention. Why? Ask yourself this question: Who would want to leave a job where they get good food, exercise opportunities, and appreciation?

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