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Mayfair London

Travel Abroad to Mayfair London: A Dream Weekend

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere luxurious and far from where you live? While you may not be able to do so financially, you can go to a high-end place like Mayfair London in your mind. The district of England is a beautiful area that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Let’s enjoy the weekend by shopping in Mayfair, enjoying delicious foods and relaxing within luxurious spas. Let’s go!

Saturday Shopping in Mayfair

Alright, let’s get this weekend started! Of course, we start in the heart of the bustling commercial district. It is a lavish weekend, and money is not an issue. ((Can you imagine?!))

In Mayfair, you have some of London’s finest shops surrounding you. There is lavish merchandise in the shops and friendly salespeople are more than willing to help you part with your money.

Your first stop of the weekend is at the Louis Vuitton Maison, located on New Bond Street. The Maison (a fancy LV word for mega-store) is the most luxurious store of the Louis Vuitton chain. I know- I am squealing with delight too at the thought of being there!

As you arrive, you instantly notice the massive size of the store. It is an impressive 35,000 square feet, which is larger than your apartment at home. You make sure to allow time to browse through all of the modern clothing pieces for men and women. After all, how many chances like this are there?!

Many of the clothing styles are exclusive to this location, and there is even a Men’s Club Area. The changing rooms are roomy and you have no problem picking up a pair of shoes and handbag with the famous monogram. Before leaving the Maison, you stop in at the “Librairie” to browse through the art books. Yes, there is a bookstore set within the store!

Shopping in Mayfair
That wonderful LV monogram! Photo by ninacoco, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Luis Vuitton Shopping in Mayfair London

From there, you walk down Bond Street to Marc by Marc Jacobs and continue the shopping in Mayfair fun. If you are looking for chic accessories, this is the place for you. There are bangles and fun lipstick-shaped pens, each costing under £5.

You pick up a few of the posh accessories and then walk the two floors that fill with the latest clothing pieces from the fashion powerhouse. You leave with a new pair of Marc Jacobs Wellington Boots. As you leave the store, you realize that all of the shopping in Mayfair has left you are feeling hungry.

Dinner and the Nightlife

Bring on the delicious food! From Marc Jacobs, you drive through the busy streets only a short distance before reaching Nicole’s restaurant. It is an elegant place that is naturally lit and is known for its excellent customer service.

A delightful menu awaits you there. You have heard that the grilled squid starter is a must-have, so you order it right away. It arrives at your table promptly and tastes divine. You crave a main dish and opt for the pan-fried sea bass with roast artichokes and fennel. Browse the prices, although money really isn’t an issue this weekend. You note that main dishes cost between £19 and £25.

Feeling full, you realize that the evening is now in full swing. It is definitely time to visit Dukes Hotel. When you arrive at the luxurious hotel, you decide to enjoy the warm evening in the hotel’s Cognac and Cigar Garden. The garden is an outdoor drinking patio that is open year round, only at night. You sit in a cozy fabric chair, taking in the marvelous atmosphere of lantern lights and sipping a glass full of smooth cognac.

Sunday Pampering in Mayfair London

The next day brings additional opportunities to explore the beautiful Mayfair district. Today is your day to be spoiled. It is a spa day. With that decided, you head to the Elemis day-spa, located in the center of Mayfair. It is here that you can escape from the everyday routine.

The Elemis spa is designed for men and women as a place to relax and rejuvenate. Yes, that sounds great! The treatments here are inspired by the exotic cultures and therapies of Japan, Morocco, Bali and other exotic places. You decide on the anti-ageing facial, before getting the Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Treatment with Manicure package. The latter package is £50.

This truly is a day you will never forget. As you wind down the day spent at the spa, you think of the fine food you will soon consume tonight.

A girl is at a spa in Mayfair London, being pampered
Photo by RelaxingMusic, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

A Meal to Complete the Weekend

A great way to end your weekend is with fine dining. An excellent place for delicious foods is restaurant in The Connaught hotel. The restaurant, titled Hélène Darroze, offers a stunning atmosphere and delicious French food. Elegant dining has never been better.

You open up the à la carte menu and try to decide on one of the amazing starters. You select the plate of white cocoa bean from Béarn, and it does not disappoint. Once you finish the exquisite dish, you search the Hélène Darroze signature menu for a main course. Yes, there are a variety of menus from which to choose.

You order the pan-roasted hand-harvested XXL scallop with tandoori spices for your main course. Delicious! Ah yes, you think, this is an amazing weekend getaway.

As you finish up the meal, you sit back and reflect on the fantastic weekend spent shopping in Mayfair London and more. From the beautiful spas to the fine restaurants, there are many great spots to explore here.

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