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Scene from funny movie The Proposal

Top 3 Funny Scenes in Movie The Proposal

The movie The Proposal, originally released in 2009, is a comedy that stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Awkward moments between the cast highlight the film. Betty White, who plays Reynolds’ grandmother “Gammy” in the movie, steps in with her witty attitude to add even more funny moments.

Bullock plays Margaret Tate, the forceful boss to Reynolds’ character Andrew Paxton. Margaret coaxes him to marry her so that she is able to stay in the United States rather than be deported back to Canada.

The two characters are not dating and in fact do not get along well. The stage is set for plenty of fun.

3 Funny Movie Moments

Number 1

One funny scene in the movie The Proposal involves an eagle, a little dog, and Sandra Bullock wearing a plaid robe. Not the usual ingredients for a scene.

While talking outside on her cell phone, Margaret watches as an eagle swoops down to snatch the fluffy, white dog. Margaret throws the phone at the eagle, a maneuver designed to encourage the eagle to drop the dog. The eagle does so, but then proceeds to swipe the all-important phone.

Bullock’s character is frantic and she is hysterically clothed to boot. Well, actually she is wearing boots with the robe. While it is not a pretty look for Bullock, it is a pretty funny moment.

It’s no wonder that The Proposal is one of one of the top Sandra Bullock movies on so many lists. Take a look at the scene for yourself here.

Number 2

Appropriately titled on YouTube as the “Naked Scene,” the two central characters are unaware that the other is in close proximity. Margaret has just finished her shower and is searching for a larger towel to dry herself as well as avoid the barking dog. Yes, the same dog is in this scene too.

Andrew is wearing headphones and therefore cannot hear the commotion between naked Margaret and the dog. He undresses, preparing to head to the shower, turns and… Well, let’s say the two characters “bump” into each other rather awkwardly.

Remember, neither is wearing clothes at the time and neither expects the other one to be nearby. Want to take a look at the moment together?

Number 3 Scene from The Proposal

Ah yes, Betty White. Margaret spots her performing a Mother Earth type of ritual in the forest. White’s character Gammy encourages Margaret to relax and start her own chant.

Margaret starts to warm up to the idea of chanting and she begins to sing and dance in a style reminiscent of the early ’90’s music scene. Picture Bullock sticking out her rear end and getting funky with the music she sings.

Have it pictured? Okay, now watch the scene for yourself, if you haven’t already done so.

The Proposal: Get Ready…

Get ready to laugh at other scenes when you watch the movie The Proposal You may be laughing so much that you have to watch the movie again to catch all of the dialogue. A movie with laughs is not one to undervalue. The Proposal is a must-see funny film.

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