Wishing You an Amazing Christmas!

It has been quite the year of firsts, personally and professionally. So let’s start with the personal stuff. I got engaged! Wow. I’m still getting used to calling him fiancé 😉

As for business firsts, well, you’re reading it! When Business Inspires began in 2018. There were long nights of design for Tufail and brainstorming for me. Then came writing, publishing, and social media promotions. We are still in the beginning stages but have a lot planned in 2019 and beyond. You’ll find out more about that in an upcoming post unveiling our business goals. Stay tuned.

Thank you to every reader for the encouragement, reads, and smiles. Starting a new site takes a lot of time, no doubt about it. Sometimes when there’s no new post, it’s because there are updates going on behind the scenes for SEO, design, and more.

The holidays have been a lot of fun already and the coming days hold more busy happy times! I hope your Christmas is awesome!

If you like what we’re doing so far at When Business Inspires, please click our Like button on Facebook. We are thankful for you all.

Merry Christmas!

Love Christy

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