Social Media Bullying: The Truths and How to Stop It

Hi, this is Parker. Let’s face it; bullies have always been a part of our society. You can easily find people who think they’re better than others, and unfortunately, nowadays most of them migrated to social media. That’s why you can find lots of social media bullying in almost every country. The reason why social media bullying appears is that most kids and teens stay on social media a lot. And those bullies start posting nasty comments and other stuff that’s not appropriate.

While those posts might be seen as a joke if performed once, continual harassment and lots of nasty comments can lead to online bullying. According to a UK bullying survey, around 91% of people who reported cyberbullying said that the parents or the social site took no action.

But the issue is there as another survey found that around 47% of youth have dealt with bullies and 62% of them were sent nasty messages via smartphone apps. Since more and more kids and teens have access to social media, the cyberbullying problem can easily get out of control.

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