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How to Support Local Business This Year (and Why)

This last year was one for the books. But nonetheless, there were valuable lessons that may have been learned, including why it’s important to support local small business. If you’re not shopping local much yet, the details below may have you doing more of it soon.

Looking for the Positives in COVID-19 Times

Looking for a silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging. But one of the things that has been amplified is the value of family and friends.

Before we even knew what coronavirus was, many of us took daily activities for granted. Hugs, parties, and grocery shopping weren’t actions that has us questioning our safety.

Now, we cherish the ways we can still safely connect with others, social distancing and wearing masks. Those moments together count more than ever.

The value of community has also been amplified by the pandemic. The feeling of togetherness, even while apart, has grown stronger as we think about how everyone is in this pandemic together. The virus has spanned the globe and we have learned from other countries and cities what works, as well as what doesn’t, when it comes to fighting coronavirus.

Local business is a big part of the community, so supporting it will positively impact the area where you live. Unfortunately, if people not buying locally, then small businesses will not be able to stay open.

The different types of shops, restaurants, and creative entrepreneurs who live in your city will not all be able to continue on. It’s sad to think you wouldn’t have all of those options in the neighborhood. Talented people will no longer be able to live their dreams and others cannot enjoy the goods and services they provide locally.

How to Support Local Business

You and your loved ones may have ordered takeout from a few local businesses to show your support. That’s definitely one idea.

Once a week, we do that to support restaurants here in Victoria. We also increased what we tip for service when the food is delivered or when we eat out as a way to help those workers who might need it.

Or, you may do all your grocery shopping locally, rather than on big online marketplaces. This year, you may be looking to do more of it as you’ll likely be dining out less than in previous years.

Not only are you helping your local community when shopping local, but your most likely purchasing higher-quality goods. Products may have an added touch of creativity too, as they were crafted to perfection. In many cases, they are handmade. That may just add the perfect touch to every purchase you make locally.

Plus, when you buy local, the majority of that money stays local. When you spend money outside of your community, on the other hand, it most likely won’t come back to your community quickly.

To easily shop local more often and with your family, use printables like the one below. Download the small business shopping list to ensure you get everything you need (within budget), and fill in the coloring sheet to design your own small business.

Click the green “Download Printables” button below to use the free printable. Feel good that you are doing your part to support local small business!

Local shopping printable
Image from Intuit Mint

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