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Massage chairs for chronic pain relief

Top 5 Massage Chairs for Chronic Pain Relief

Searching for the right massage chair for chronic pain can be a difficult task. With many alternatives to select from, it’s easy to get confused about the best massage chairs for pain relief. Before looking at the top five models, such as the Relaxonchair and Osaki Zero Gravity, let’s look first at why this type of chair is in-demand and how it can be helpful.

Why is Massaging Therapy Helpful?

The contemporary lifestyle is a busy one, full of many obligations and duties. At times, you have to work beyond regular working hours, which may lead to exhaustion and stiff joints.

When this happens, one way to revitalize the body is massage therapy. Using a chair that provides exactly that can be relaxing and alleviate stress.

Furthermore, when you lower stress, you can better control high blood pressure. These specialized chairs also play a crucial role in controlling chronic pain.

Here are the top 5 models to help reduce chronic pain.

1. Relaxonchair Full-Body Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs

The Relaxonchair full-body zero-gravity massage chair offers you a complete body massage like you would receive from a professional at a spa. It has integrated sensors that recognize the span of your spine to give you a customized massage.

The whole chair offers you a great Shiatsu massage from the back of the head to the tip of the feet. Plus, the Relaxonchair is zero-gravity, which means it reduces gravity pressure onto your spinal cord and alleviates chronic pain.

The chair also consists of two heat pads situated in your spine’s lumbar section to relax the sore muscles. Impressively, it consists of airbags that inflate and deflate to relieve muscle stress.

2. Tinycooper Zero-Gravity

The Tinycooper is another of the best zero-gravity massage chairs. It has lower-spine, and calve muscle massage features.

Moreover, it incorporates a complete body airbag, foot roller, and a vibration. It emulates a human-like massage strategy of kneading to give you THE feel of A real-hand massage. You can alter the intensity and pace of the massage to suit your needs.

Using this therapeutic chair, select from three phases of zero gravity. When leaning backward, the massage chair lifts your feet higher than your heart, enhancing blood flow.

In the end, this chair helps to alleviate stress quickly. Its two heat pads improve oxygen and nutrient transfer to your muscles, thus reducing chronic pain.

3. Curled Long-Rail Shiatsu Therapy Massage Chairs

This shiatsu therapy chair has a unique design that fits in most living rooms too. It’s unique in that it matches well with many different types of room décor.

Also, the massage chair’s L-shaped rollers can massage your whole body, starting from the top of the spinal cord and going down to the groin area. Pick from several programs to within the chair. For instance, you can decide to go for an intense Shiatsu massage for the spinal cord or the whole body.

Furthermore, with this chair, you can get massages for specific body parts. Some individuals prefer using FSA/HSA eligible massage gun alongside this chair to have a spot massage, thus alleviating chronic pain. Unfortunately, this massage chair doesn’t feature a heat pad alternative.

4. Osaki Zero Gravity

Osaki massage chairs have 12 auto programs that provide different ways of getting the comfort you want from it. There are also six massage methods; choose from Kneading, Shiatsu, Rolling, and more.

This special chair offers a full massage for your whole body, including your legs and calves. Plus, it can modify itself to accommodate your body’s curves after sitting on the chair. That means you can get a personalized body massage while working from home.

5. Kahuna Massage Chairs

The Kahuna massage chair includes several characteristics and advantages for you when experiencing chronic body pains and stress. It can scan your body using an automatic sensor after sitting on it.

Therefore, the Kahuna can determine your body curvature and the right massage for you. The massage chair comprises several levels of zero gravity, and you can select the most suitable posture to reduce chronic pain. Its functionalities include shiatsu methods that exert acupressure to some parts of the body for a full body massage.

Finding the best chair can be challenging, but the top ones can help you with reducing chronic pains and stress.

Conclusions on Top Massage Chairs for Pain Relief

The top 5 models listed in this post include the Relaxonchair Full-Body Zero-Gravity and the Tinycooper Zero-Gravity Therapy Massage Chair. Others are The Curled Long-Rail Shiatsu Therapy Massage Chair, Osaki Zero Gravity Massage Therapy Chair, and Kahuna Massage-Therapy Chair Recliner. Hopefully this guide helps you find the right one to find relief for chronic pains and stress.

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