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Marketing your craft business

Marketing Your Craft Business: Your 2021 Guide

You work hard perfecting your handmade goods, and you’re ready for some tips for marketing your craft business in 2021. Brand awareness is ultimately a matter of finding a connection with potential customers. With its uniquely human touch, a handcrafted item invites that connection. After the COVID-19 stresses of the past year, people need connection and community more than ever.

Copywriting is a key component of branding, whether it’s creating a script for a video or a business description for Google. Whatever you call your specialty — sewing, woodworking, pottery, painting — your personal story is a great place to start.

Tell Your Story

When you tell tell the story of your business, you connect with users and build trust. If you have a handcraft business, for example, you most likely have a passion for your work. Why not share how you discovered that passion?

Did you receive a gift of handcrafted pottery? Did you grow up watching a parent make wood furniture? Include these personal touches when marketing your craft business.

Take time to share insights about your work process. How did you choose the colors for your latest line of crochet sweaters? Perhaps you’ve donated some of your quilts to nursing home residents.

Storytelling is worth the effort. Researchers found that 44 percent of people will share a brand story with others, and that 55 percent of users are more likely to buy a product when they know the brand’s story. After the past months of social distancing, users will especially appreciate the connection with the person behind the business.

Marketing Your Craft Business: Make a Video

Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look at your workshop or a crochet stitch tutorial, handcrafts make terrific subject matter for videos. And that’s a good thing, considering that video content will likely make up 83 percent of Internet traffic by 2022.

Livestreaming is particularly effective for telling your story and building community. Facebook live, for example, lets viewers comment and ask questions in real time.

You may want to start a YouTube channel, since 90 percent of users say that the platform has introduced them to a brand or product. With searches for how-to videos increasing by 70 percent every year, YouTube is a great place to demonstrate your expertise and increase brand awareness.

Sign Up for Google My Business

Do you have a brick and mortar place of business? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to check out Google My Business. This free tool can give your business a prime location on search pages.

That’s important for marketing your craft business well because it will then show up in the top local search results. The listing will show your business address, phone number, reviews and map.

Keep in mind, however, that this tool will not work if your business is strictly online. Check out this guide for online marketing strategies.

Google My Business gives you another platform for telling your story. You can help searchers get to know you by posting photos and updates, such as news about upcoming craft classes or holiday sales.

Keep customers engaged by responding to reviews. Follow these recommendations and Google My Business can keep your brick and mortar business in the public eye among local searchers.

Craft Business Marketing is Easier with a Copywriter

A professional copywriter can give your marketing campaign that extra edge. Writing advertising copy and video scripts takes hours of work. Copywriters have the training and SEO skills to efficiently tell your story and promote your brand. Your handcraft business is a labor of love, and you’ll have more time to do what you do best — create!

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