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Kids couponing and saving money

Teaching Kids Couponing and Other Saving Money Tips

It is never too early to introduce your children to the concept of money management and good financial habits. That includes teaching kids couponing and other strategies for saving money.

Starting Young Makes Sense

Ingraining financial responsibility in children’s minds from an early age can set them up for a lifetime of success, free from headaches and worry. Don’t wait until your kids are off to college to teach them about budgeting and keeping a ledger – get them started today!

But where do we even begin to teach kids couponing and other money-related concepts?

How to Start as a Parent

Young children can start learning about money through simple coin and bill recognition. What does a dime look like?

How much is a nickel worth? Then, you can teach them that these bills and coins can be used together to purchase items they like.

An Exercise for Kids Couponing and Saving Money

To get them thinking about saving money and living more frugally, try an exercise like the one below. It will challenge them to find a lower price for an item they want.

Have your child choose a toy or special treat, such as a pizza or favorite snack item, and help them find a coupon for it. If they are able to find a coupon for that item, reward them by buying that item the next time you are out shopping.

Kids Couponing Game

By teaching your children how to be frugal, you are encouraging them to develop good money management skills and healthy spending habits. After playing this game a few times, you may even find them clipping coupons on their own!

Click below to access the fun coupon worksheet for children:

kids coupon worksheet
Graphic from Capital One Shopping

Are you teaching your little ones about money yet? If so, what techniques work for your family? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Teaching Kids Couponing and Other Saving Money Tips”

  1. Such a great post, Christy! I agree wholeheartedly with you, teaching kids about money from the very beginning is a sure way to help them be financially responsible in their adult years. Learning the value of waiting, or saying no to something, is a sign of maturity. Far too often in our “must have it now culture,” we’ve lost the joy of growing as we wait or deny ourselves something that we really don’t need anyway. I don’t know about you but I’ll choose less financial stress/debt over having more stuff any day of the week! 🙂 To be honest, much of my attitude toward money came from seeing it done the wrong way growing up. Constant debt and talk of bankruptcy was a continuous stressor. Who needs that?

    I LOVE your idea about having a child pick out an item or snack they want and then try to find a coupon for it. If they find one, they get rewarded with their pick. That’s brilliant! It can become a bonding opportunity as well for parent and child. What a win-win!

    Thank you for sharing, my friend. I’ve shared so that others can be inspired by your words. Lots of love heading your way. I’ve missed you! 🤗

    1. Thanks for echoing the sentiment here of the value of learning about money from an early age, Holly! Financial “smarts” is a topic that needs more attention in schools, in my opinion. It is a life skill that can help or hinder one’s journey over the year in so many ways. I love hearing from you over here! I’ve missed you too 🤗

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