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Smartphone ruining relationship

How Your Smartphone is Ruining Your Relationship

It is no secret that smartphones serve as one of the technologies changing the world for the better. They also fulfill the demand for access to the Internet, maintain communication, and help create new relationships. For instance, your smartphone can now help you get a life partner just by clicking on the best Dating Reviewer site and finding your match. However, few things will kill your new-found romance and affect your relationship faster than getting overly attached to your smartphone. Nowadays, it’s no question that smartphones are among the leading factors affecting couples. Let’s look at how your smartphone is ruining your relationship.

Loss of In-Person Communications affect Intimacy

The truth is, smartphones are one of the biggest culprits of communication breakdown affecting many relationships. Even with the strongest bonds, it’s clear enough how the once-common hours of conversations are being replaced with endless scrolling through the smartphone.

While it’s good to stay updated on what’s happening in the outside world, intimacy is hard to maintain when your smartphone keeps beeping with alerts. These constant distractions may be affecting your relationship by obstructing the intimate conversations that make most relationships work well.

Excessive smartphone use also drives you away from each other and somehow, making bonding and intimacy less appealing than before. While you may hardly notice it, this may be a significant factor affecting your relationship and making it impossible for you to build a sincere connection.

Misplaced Priorities strain Your Relationship

Too much attachment to your smartphone has a way of leading you into misplaced priorities, thus affecting your relationship goals. For instance, it’s now easier to see a person prioritizing their interaction with the virtual world over some alone time with their spouse. While this addiction is also affecting interpersonal bonding, it mainly highlights why lack of phone-use education is a real problem affecting relationships.

The fact is, too much activity arising from smartphone addiction distracts you from connecting with others during these moments of lockdown, hence affecting your bonding time. It also explains how much quarantine is affecting relationships negatively instead of presenting a chance to cement more robust connections.

Lack of Mindfulness with Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone distractions nowadays are present everywhere, demanding much of our attention. Phone calls, message alerts, and social media notifications are part of these distractions that result in the common burnout affecting our relationships with others.

With your smartphone, you get more immersed in your digital life, prioritizing the virtual world over anything else. For instance, it may be more important for some to catch their day on Instagram than just enjoy it with someone you love. This complete lack of mindfulness can result in problems affecting how you show your love and care for others.

This lack of mindfulness may also be affecting how you relate with your spouse as you can’t fully dedicate your attention to the present moment. It’s also safe to say this is all aided by the desire to share your moments on social media, hence affecting your time for family relationships at large.

Anxiety and Stress from Phone Separation

Anxiety and stress are common problems associated with people who are addicted to their phones. In most cases, lack of smartphone access for a person addicted to its use will culminate in moments of unease and constant worry.

Anxiety and stress pose more danger to a healthy relationship than anything else. Though past abuse affecting relationships may be a real danger to the emotional coexistence between two people, any feeling of detachment multiplies this risk further. If you feel detached from your smartphone due to an addiction, it may be clear enough you can no longer find pleasure interacting with other people.

Immediate consequences include broken relationships, children being unable to communicate freely with you, and failure to establish cordial and robust family relationships. Therefore, it’s clear that the stress and anxiety arising from your separation from the phone bears a profound way of affecting your relationships.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have a significant way of affecting our connections with others, whether they are romantic or not. If you plan on having a healthy romantic bond with someone, it’s best to prioritize this person over your smartphone.

You can quickly achieve this by learning to turn the phone off whenever you’re in each other’s company. Doing so will help you control some of the critical troubles affecting your relationship, leading you into more robust and lasting bonds.

What are some ways to control some of the smartphone use behavior affecting relationships? Comment below to let us know.

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