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Interact in a positive way on Facebook, a leading social media network

How to Use Facebook in A Positive Way

Facebook is a social media network that is popular around the world. While you may live in separate countries from some of the people you correspond with online, you are friends with them on the network. Use Facebook in a positive way as you influence each other through your actions on this social media network. You can spread positive thoughts or energy by engaging in friendly activities on the site. You have the ability to spread kindness, whether it be that you post an inspirational quote, send Facebook friends uplifting words, or support their accomplishments.

Respond Positively to Social Media Posts

One way to use Facebook in a positive way is to write a supportive comment on a Friend’s public post if you enjoy the material or subject. You may smile as you read the Status Update or click on the provided link to an article that provides you with material you did not know about walking for exercise.

When you enjoy the read, tell your Facebook Friend. That person will appreciate that you took the time to read the post and enjoyed what you read. Your Friend will feel that the post was not in vain as it did indeed get read and was received in a supportive light. If your friend hangs close by their cell phone for new Facebook updates, you have just provided a new update with your comment. It’s a positive comment to boot!

Not only have you left a comment, you have shown your support for your Friend.

Examples of positive responses to a posted article that you enjoyed on the social media network are:

  • Wow, I didn’t know that! (fill in the details with a specific point you learned)
  • Thanks for sharing this important material about (comment on the subject matter)!
  • Your post made me smile 🙂

In regards to the last suggestion on the list above, who doesn’t enjoy making someone else smile? Smiles are contagious and do not cost money, so why not share them?!

Catching Rainbows
Just because. Your message may be the highlight to a friend’s bad day.Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA (Catching Rainbows) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Send a “Just Because” Message

Send a Friend on Facebook a message “just because” or for no particular reason. When your Friend does not anticipate the acknowledgement, it can be a great surprise for him or her!

The message can be a small one; it is more the kind thought behind the message than the number of words that is important here. Also, sometimes wording that is straight to the point is more powerful than longer lines. Send the post as a public message to his or her wall, or as a private Inbox message through Facebook instead if preferred.

The “just because” message tells your Friend that he or she is in your thoughts. Chances are that you the note will make your Friend feel special for the unexpected attention. What a positive notion!

Examples of positive messages for Facebook are:

  • I’m thinking about you, have a great day!
  • Happy (enter the day of the week here)!
  • Just a quick note to say hello 🙂

Post an Inspirational Quote

Posting quotes is a great way to use Facebook in a positive way. Type the quote as a Status Update or share the quote from a web page you came across online. Either way, the quote will appear on your profile’s wall.

Your quote will show up in your Friends’ electronic feeds and at the top of your profile if they click on your page to see what you are up to lately. The uplifting words of a positive quote may inspire your Friends as they read the words. Perhaps a Friend is having a bad day and your posted words help him or her gain a better handle on the day. If that reader then shares the quote to his or her wall, you are doubling the positive vibes!

Ayn Rand quote
Engage and inspire others. Image by Cory Doctorow (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Post an Inspirational Quote

Other examples of quotes to use on the social media network are:

  • “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean
  • “Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” -Corita Kent
  • “When you wholeheartedly adopt a “with all your heart” attitude and go out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things” – Norman Vincent Peale

Positive quotes can be shared from Pinterest, websites dedicated to posting quotes, and by subscribing on Facebook to groups that share quotes.

Interact on Facebook in a Positive Way

Another way to use Facebook in a positive way is by sharing a post you like from a Friend’s wall onto your own profile wall. Perhaps your Friend posted a photo that you really liked; rather than pressing the Like button, go a step further and select the Share option. Your Friend will appreciate the online share.

Your Friend will likely appreciate the share as it means you took time to stop by his or her Facebook profile. The share means you connected with the material and want to allow your own group of Friends to see the post too. Your Friend will be even happier if he or she created the post material, such as writing the article you decided to share online. What a compliment that you read the article and take the time to share it with your own circle of online friends!

Your share on Facebook in a positive way can be a memorable moment within your Friend’s day. Why not spread the positivity? Ensure that you don’t just randomly share material but instead genuinely like the specific post. Remember that your profile does reflect on you, so it is wise to share quality posts.

Sunset on the beach
Image by Pexels.

Post a Great Photo

Post a photo that you think is cute or great for another reason on your Facebook wall as another way to spread positivity among your connections. You have the ability to help a Friend smile or laugh by what you post an inspirational quote or share a great photo on the social media network.

Examples of cute photos are:

  • Animals, such as cats or dogs
  • Babies

Other great photo ideas include:

  • Relaxing locations
  • Tropical beaches
  • Funny but tasteful photos
  • Nature shots

Your Influence on this Social Media Platform

With so much negativity already in the world, try doing your part to keep up the power of the positive way. You can uplift and influence other people through your presence on Facebook. Send a Friend a “just because” message or post an inspirational quote. Post a picture of a beautiful Hawaiian beach or share the great article your Friend wrote yesterday.

Acknowledging your Facebook Friends with a cheerful presence and your positive way will likely rub off on other people. Now go log onto this social media network to post an inspirational quote and create some more smiles out there!

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