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How to make money with Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon: The Best Ways to Sell Online

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website. It has demonstrated success in almost every market you could think of, from gadgets to kitchen tools. But Amazon offers more than just a place you could find many products to choose from. You could join the millions of sellers on the platform making money. If you’re wondering how to get started, here are some tips for how to make money selling on Amazon. Find the best ways to sell online using this popular platform.

Sell with Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the easiest methods of selling on Amazon. In a nutshell, you become an Amazon seller then buy wholesale products on platforms such as Alibaba and ship the inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Once you join this network, Amazon delivers products to customers, but you could choose to deliver the products if you don’t want to pay Amazon fees. Basically, buy the products and sell higher on Amazon for your profit. If you can find a profitable niche, then Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to sell online.

How to Make Money on Amazon: Sell Wholesale Products

To make money selling wholesale products, firstly you need to research to know top selling items on Amazon. In this case, you don’t just target consumers, but to sell to other businesses through the Amazon B2B marketplace, which provides business customers special prizes.

Through the Amazon business marketplace, you’ll have different features, including the ability to accept quota requests. You can display diversity and quality certifications on your page, which helps your business showcase credibility.

eBook writer: Make money online
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Best Ways to Sell Online: Publish Books with KDP

Amazon started as a marketplace for books and has retained this feature. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the easiest solution if you consider selling books on Amazon.

You set your prizes and earn up to 70% of royalties on all sales. Amazon also allows you to update your content at any time, and you can offer different formats for your work, which allows you to reach more people. For physical copies, you can use a service such as CreateSpace, and to create an audiobook, you can use ACX.

Retail Arbitrage

Sourcing abroad and selling for profit is one of the most popular solutions for selling products on Amazon. However, you can avoid all the shipping costs involved by leveraging retail arbitrage. In retail arbitrage, you buy inventory from local retailers then sell on Amazon for a profit.

Visit your local Target, Walmart, etc., and pick discounted products and list them on Amazon with a slightly higher markup. You can also do online arbitrage, where you buy from these websites directly, but they handle the shipping.

Affiliate Marketing Makes Money on Amazon

Website owners can also leverage their existing platforms by joining the Amazon Associates program, which allows you to make money on Amazon without handling any inventory. You’re paid up to 10% in commission fees when buyers that are referred from your blog buy products. Each niche offers a different fee, so be sure to check the Associates Program fees schedule to know what to expect. Amazon tracks sales through cookies, so even if the user buys a few weeks later, you still get a commission.

Sell handcrafted products
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Make Money on Amazon Selling Handcrafted Products

If you’re creative, you could also embrace selling handmade products on Amazon. Amazon Handmade invites artisans to create and sell their products on the platform.

Of course, this method demands a bit more work since you’re producing the products yourself, but the exposure you get could be a massive step in building and marketing your brand. Because of the broad audience on Amazon, you can get your products flying off the shelves quickly.

Sell Professional Services

Amazon Services is another sub-domain on Amazon on which you can sell professional services. Many people assume you can only sell tangible products on Amazon, but this is not the case.

You don’t pay upfront fees to join this program. You only need a portion of your revenue for completed projects. Choose from popular service categories such as health and beauty, home maintenance, consumer electronics, business, apparel, and jewelry.


If you’re looking for how to make money selling on Amazon, there are endless opportunities on the platform. From selling tangible products to selling services, you can build a business on Amazon without significant investment. These tips are a good starting point.

Let’s see more of your tips in the comments section below!

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