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5 Employee Appreciation Gifts for Thanksgiving They’ll Love

When your team works hard, it’s very rewarding for a business owner to see the desired results come in, whether it’s in the form of higher sales, an increase in repeat customers, or another metric. To say thank you to them for all of the efforts, here are unique employee appreciation gifts for any budget this Thanksgiving. Remember that when you reward your employees with creative gifts rather than just cash, they will feel valued by the organization. Show employee appreciation with great gifts they love to motivate them to keep giving 100% effort throughout the work week.

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Employee Appreciation Gifts Idea #1. Engraved Items

Sure you could simply go to the stationary store and get your team some office paper and other regular desk supplies. But a more meaningful way to show employee appreciation is to give them engraved pens. Put their first name on each pen. Often you can get a reduced price from a wholesaler for a big order of customized items like pens.

Other ideas for engraved employee appreciation gifts are:

  • Stainless steel travel mug
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Journal
  • Messenger bag
  • Phone lounger
  • Stress ball

What you select will depend on your budget, given the size of your organization. Once you choose a type, place the order to the wholesaler with clear instructions to engrave the first names of your employees onto the chosen items.

#2. Give the Gift of Education

Who says presents have to be something they can hold in their hands? CreativeLive offers quality courses for a range of interests, personal and professional. Classes include photography, graphic design, crafts, music, and more. Click on the “Business” category in the top right header to also find business-related topics to fit your organization.

Continuing education helps your employees keep learning and growing, which will help them feel a sense of satisfaction. When they are happy, then they’re more likely to work hard and also take care of themselves. This type of gift also shows that you’re listening to employees’ needs. And it’s fun to give the give the gift of an experience rather than a material thing!

Throw a Thanksgiving pizza party for your team
Show employee appreciation with food. Image by Unsplash.

#3. Food – Who Doesn’t Like Food?

Employees generally react well to a food-related event. Throw a brunch in the office or another business area for them. Order in food, such as pizza, and provide them time to socialize and unwind. Pizza parties are lots of fun!

You could also rent out a portion of a restaurant. It’s your way to show employee appreciation for their hard work as the year comes to a close soon. If you end up choosing to go to a restaurant, then ask your employees which one they would prefer to make sure they fully enjoy themselves there. They’ll likely also feel good that you involved them in the decision-making process.

#4. Quality Thanksgiving Cards

Of course, cards make great employee appreciation gifts. And they show thoughtfulness. Pair them with a personalized item or give the cards on their own. But if you’re going the card-only route, which is perfect for small businesses with a shoestring budget, then make sure they’re quality cards.

Finding tasteful Thanksgiving cards is no longer a chore when you go to an online shop like Minted. Find great business-appropriate choices including this one:

Employee appreciation cards for Thanksgiving 2018

With affordable prices, Minted provides easy ways to customize the card with your company’s name, card color, card shape, paper type, and more. Express service is available too if you worry you’re cutting it close with cards delivery before Thanksgiving.

#5. Show Employee Appreciation with the Gift of Time

Another employee appreciation idea is to let your team go home an hour or two early before a holiday weekend. By doing so, you give them more time with their families and friends, not to mention ending their workday on a positive note.

The chances are good they’ll be busy on the Thanksgiving holiday, so you’re giving them more time to prep for it. And that leaves them understanding your thoughtfulness. It doesn’t need to be a regular thing you do, but your staff will likely appreciate the unexpectedness of it.

What are some other creative ways to show employee appreciation at Thanksgiving?

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