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Adding creativity to professional life

3 Tips for Adding Creativity to Your Professional Life

Even if your job doesn’t seem like one that has a lot of room for creativity, there are still ways to inject some innovation into it. There are many benefits to thinking outside of the box in the workplace, including coming up with new products and services, and making the job more exciting. If you’re not sure how to start adding creativity to your professional life, these tips are here to inspire you!

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How to be more creative at work:

1. Use a Whiteboard

Have a whiteboard at your desk where you can write down ideas as they occur to you. That’s better than thinking, “I’ll remember this for next time” as it’s easy to forget. Good ideas can come at the most inconvenient times, like when you’re in the shower.

Then, refer to the whiteboard when there’s another project. It’s a great way to brainstorm now to reap the rewards later of putting those ideas into action. Set up a small one beside your computer or hang a bigger one on the wall by your desk, depending on your preference and the amount of working space.

2. Add SVGs to Your Site

If your business has a website or blog, take the time to be more creative there to attract potential customers’ attention. Compelling images can get more eyes on your written content and keep them there until the call-to-action at the end of the page.

Choose a mix of photos and graphics to create an interesting mix. SVGs (scalable vector graphics) are an easy way to add a visual element to your website design. They make adding creativity to your professional life easy!

Use them in your posts, as well as in social media shares, including Pinterest, in ways that relate to your brand. For example, the paw print svg is a great choice for pet businesses, while a bear svg fits a wilderness adventure company’s branding with ease.

3. Change Up Your Routine

The monotonous routine of work can slow down your productivity. It may also make you question why you began this job in the first place. Get creative to feel a passion again for what you do! Switching up the order of tasks you do daily or how you approach them can get your mind thinking in new ways and lead to fresh ideas.

If your workplace allows it, you might even change where you work. A new environment can reinvigorate you professionally. If that’s not an option, ask if a standing desk is available.

Being able to switch between standing and sitting at work can keep you alert throughout the day. It can also prevent issues like back pain that can come from being sedentary for lengthy periods.

More Ideas for Adding Creativity to Your Professional Life

If you want more inspiration, here are a few. Take the time outside of working hours to read a book or watch a documentary. Whether it is related to your profession or not, you will likely begin to get new insights about the world and people. Use what you learn outside of the office to help you when you get back there.

Finally, ask your friends and family for ideas for ways to be more creative. They might have a technique that is effective for them and using it can help you too!

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