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How to Create a FreshBooks Invoice & How It’s Unique

If you’re self-employed and work from home like me or own a small business, then you know that accounting and invoicing software can save you big headaches. Especially if you use an intuitive one like FreshBooks. But if you’re new to the software or considering using it, you’ll want to learn how to create a FreshBooks invoice quickly, and it’s simple to do too. Here’s your how-to guide.

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Creating a FreshBooks Invoice

Easily generate a new invoice or modify an existing one using the online software. Start by going to your dashboard and then hit the “Create New” button. From there you’ll see the “Invoices” area and a specific option for “New Invoice.” Aha! Right? Doesn’t get much simpler than pressing that button to get to the following screen that shows your new invoice.

Then simply go through the page from top to bottom, filling in the boxes and changing dates as per your preferences directly on that blank invoice. The FreshBooks invoice template allows you to select:

  • Dates – Issue date and due date
  • Client details
  • Notes
  • Terms
  • Item description(s)

Customize the cloud software quickly for currency, language, taxes, and more. You can even add your company logo for a very professional appearance!

This video explains each part of the invoice in more details:

Unique FreshBooks Invoice Features

When creating a new FreshBooks invoice, we like how it’s simple to click and select for so much of it. This is a major time saver yet looks in the end, once you send it to the client, as though you’ve spent so much time styling it. For example, just click on the “+ Add a Client” box and just choose from ones already listed there. Or instead, add a new one following the prompts.

There are also a lot of time-saving features you won’t get with every invoicing software. One example is the ability to make the invoice recurring to automatically have your invoice be added to your client’s accounts payable. Set it to bill a particular client bi-weekly or however often you wish, and then it will automatically do so. No making notes to tell yourself to do this task; FreshBooks takes care of it for you! One less thing to worry about on the calendar.

Lastly, in addition to adding your business logo to the top of the invoice, you can also change the color of the FreshBooks invoice template. And, if you select the Modern template, then you’ll also have the option to change the shade of the banner. Font choices are also available for item description and other details on the page.
In summary, a FreshBooks invoicing software is simple to create and looks professional. Plus you can customize it to your liking. Try FreshBooks out for yourself today and Invoice Like a Boss.

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  1. It is quite amazing, these days, Christy, how efficient and time saving the ‘cloud’ can be. I have used one or two cloud based accounting software in my day, and, as you’ve said, it couldn’t be easier.
    I’ll keep this one in mind.. 🙂

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