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Children and Money: Homework lessons

Children and Money: Fun Finance Printables

There’s plenty of important lessons you want to teach to your children, but one often gets overlooked in school and at home: teaching finances and credit card basics to kids. While forming a relationship between children and money management might not be the first thing that comes to mind for every parent, it probably should be. Why? It’s a surefire way to set your children up for success in the future when it comes to responsibly managing cash and credit. The lessons doesn’t have to be boring or a headache either, as per the fun and interactive printables for kids below.

Children and Money: What to Teach Them?

You might think they’re too young to grasp money-minded concepts, but you can incorporate fun, easy-to-understand lessons into their everyday lives with the help of some simple tools. Raising financially-savvy children includes teaching different aspects of the world of finance.

Here are some of the things that they can learn at home through interactive financial printables:

  • Budgeting and planning expenses
  • The difference between credit and debit
  • The value of a dollar
  • How to save
  • Knowing the difference between wants and needs

This list is not exhaustive by any means. You can also teach an older child how to form a business plan, for example, to make money online. Next up, let’s talk about why exactly these family lessons are a good idea.

Why Financial Literacy is Important for Kids

Teaching children how to responsibly manage their money matters. It helps prepare them for the experiences they’ll eventually encounter in the real world. The parent-kid lessons could save them from acquiring stressful financial debt later in life because they don’t have basic financial knowledge.

Children absorb habits early on from watching how their parents handle finances. So, being intentional about the lessons kids learn from a young age gives them a firm foundation. They are then more likely to be confident with money management in the future.

Free Printables to Teach Kids about Money

It’s never too early to teach youngsters the vital skill of managing money. But, you might be wondering how to begin forming a positive relationship between children and money management. Try out these fun printables designed to teach kids important credit card basics.

Each activity will get your kids thinking about how money works and what it looks like in their everyday lives. There are many great ideas, including cut-out pretend credit cards, a spending tracker, and a budgeting system.

These activities can turn the complex topic of finance into a fun learning experience for the whole family. You might just learn something too!

Here are some great printables. Simply click on each one to go to the page where you can print them out.

Children and Money: Credit Basics Printable

Credit card for kids' lessons
Image via CreditRepair.com

Credit Card Repayment Printable

Credit card repayment printable
Image via CreditRepair.com

Children and Money Using a Play Credit Card Printable

Image via CreditReport.com

Which one will you start to use with your kids today? Have you thought about children and money, with a focus on how to instill good financial habits in your family?

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