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Work from home can have its challenges

Challenges of Working from Home

The first thing I hear when I tell someone I work from home is, “Wow! That must be nice!”

Well, it can be. It’s nice to be able to wear pajamas to work and not have to sit in traffic or always work Monday to Friday. But like everything in life, it has its own downsides.

Working from home can be lonely and at times which can cause a huge challenge – a lack of focus and creativity. Here are a few ways I like to combat the work from home slump.

1. Change the scene

If possible, change your work location, even if only for a few hours. Go to a local coffee shop, library or restaurant. Sometimes changing locations can awaken your senses to new sounds. If the weather allows it, take your laptop outside and soak up the sun while you work.

2. Listen to music

Used to pop? Give jazz a try. Or classical. Anything you’re not used to. If you usually listen to a certain Spotify playlist throughout the day try switching to a totally different genre and see if it helps you. Scientists have done studies that show your brain responds uniquely to different music, so switching it up can not only expand your taste in music but also help make you more productive.

3. Lose the phone

If I had a dollar for every time I sat down at my desk to get something done and ended up scrolling Facebook instead, I’d be rich. We waste so much time browsing and liking useless content online. The best way to deal with this problem is simply to put your phone away. Set your working hours and make a rule for yourself that you won’t be checking your social media accounts during predetermined working hours.

Heidi Klein
Meet Heidi Klein. Photo used with her permission

Heidi Klein is a Vancouver based Copywriter and mom. When she’s not writing she enjoys travel, football and true crime documentaries.

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