How Social Media has Changed Dating Culture

Meeting the man or woman of your dreams has never been easier, or so you would think. In the modern age of online dating, we have more choice than ever before, thanks to the advance in technology over recent years. This includes the invention and rise of social media and the thousands of online dating apps out there now. However, more choice can cause confusion and it can also be overwhelming. Some romantic traditions still remain popular today, but the dating culture has changed significantly over the past two decades.

One of the greatest reasons for this change has been the invention of social media. Social media provides singletons with access to thousands of other single people, with just a few clicks of a mouse or a few swipes of your index finger.

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How to Create a FreshBooks Invoice & How It’s Unique

If you’re self-employed and work from home like me or own a small business, then you know that accounting and invoicing software can save you big headaches. Especially if you use an intuitive one like FreshBooks. But if you’re new to the software or considering using it, you’ll want to learn how to create a FreshBooks invoice quickly, and it’s simple to do too. Here’s your how-to guide.

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Creating a FreshBooks Invoice

Easily generate a new invoice or modify an existing one using the online software. Start by going to your dashboard and then hit the “Create New” button. From there you’ll see the “Invoices” area and a specific option for “New Invoice.” Aha! Right? Doesn’t get much simpler than pressing that button to get to the following screen that shows your new invoice.

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Social Media Bullying: The Truths and How to Stop It

Hi, this is Parker. Let’s face it; bullies have always been a part of our society. You can easily find people who think they’re better than others, and unfortunately, nowadays most of them migrated to social media. That’s why you can find lots of social media bullying in almost every country. The reason why social media bullying appears is that most kids and teens stay on social media a lot. And those bullies start posting nasty comments and other stuff that’s not appropriate.

While those posts might be seen as a joke if performed once, continual harassment and lots of nasty comments can lead to online bullying. According to a UK bullying survey, around 91% of people who reported cyberbullying said that the parents or the social site took no action.

But the issue is there as another survey found that around 47% of youth have dealt with bullies and 62% of them were sent nasty messages via smartphone apps. Since more and more kids and teens have access to social media, the cyberbullying problem can easily get out of control.

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5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media

Social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives in the past decade. It has not only changed how we interact with people but how we live our lives. Thus, we do almost everything through social media today. We listen to music through a platform with social media integration. The videos and movies we watch are easily shareable in social media. These networks heavily influence brand recognition and consumer attitude, and there seems to be no sign of this trend from stopping or changing. Consumers are ever more informed about businesses and brands. It’s not enough that companies just plaster ads everywhere hoping to get noticed. Buyers want to have a deeper connection and meaning with the things that they do and the items that they buy. A business that wants to succeed and build a dedicated brand loyalty should take full advantage of social networking sites.

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What is Bat Bot and Why Use it?

In robotics, the bat is a challenging design because of all of the joints of this creature it is made to mimic. The flying mammal has been mimicked unlike ever before with Bat Bot, the world’s first bat robot. It has the appearance of a bat and acts like one too. But why does it exist – for what purpose?

The Origins of Bat Bot

This bat robot was designed by CalTech researchers. The robotics team, with Soon-Jo Chung at the head of it, first introduced Bat Bot to the world in February of 2017. The roboticists had quite the feat given the intricacy of a bat’s flight. The flight involves several joints with each movements of the mammal’s wings, so duplicating this motion was no small thing. The flight involves shoulder, wrist, elbow, and tail movements.

And while technology has come a long ways, being able to replicate all of the joint movements involved in bat flight was not possible for the CalTech team. Thankfully, they’ve still been able to create Bat Bot by mimicking the joints that are absolutely critical to bat flight. Determining which joints were essential involved much study of past biological studies by the team members.

More about Bat Bot’s Design

But while Bat Bot is less sophisticated than the real flying mammal, it does have an incredible wing span and looks amazing in flight. Being able to detect exactly what is differnet about the flight movement between Bat Bot and a real live bat would be easy to do for the average person.

And Bat Bot doesn’t rely on a remote control either. Instead, it runs via computers and sensors. This technological advancement can move its wings, dive down, and turn direction. It has flexible wings and is lightweight so that it’s not so clunky that it just stays on the ground. The skeleton is a combination of carbon fiber bones and 3D printed ball-and-socket joints.

The Purpose of Bat Bot

So, why is a bat robot even designed? After all, there are quadcopters out there that can fly around already on the market. One reason is that Bat Bot has a safer design since it doesn’t have a front propeller. Instead its wings are soft as they are covered with silicone membrane. And, well, technological innovations like this one are pretty cool.

What’s more, the bat robot was designed with energy efficiency in mind, more so than aerial robots already on the market. Its applications can include watching over construction sites and doing tasks in locations it’s not safe for humans to go. It could, for example, be useful to send in test nuclear reactors with extreme radiation levels.

And, well, a bat robot is something that’s worthy of nightmares for some people and we just had to write about. I mean, who would have thought at decade ago that Bad Bot would even be a thing?!

Women in Tech: Who is Grace Hopper?

Cloud Computing is a field with growing opportunities for women. But it wasn’t always that way. Find out how Grace Hopper (1906-1992) helped advance the presence of women in tech with her work.

Grace Hopper’s Software Contributions

For her key contributions to creating the first compilers, Grace Hopper is often referred to as the First Lady of Software. These machines were officially called UNIVAC, a synonym for Universal Automatic Computers. This software was what NASA relied on to both get and send messages with astronauts. These machines were the origins of the computers as we know them today.

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How to Use Facebook in A Positive Way

Facebook is a social media network that is popular around the world. While you may live in separate countries from some of the people you correspond with online, you are friends with them on the network. Use Facebook in a positive way as you influence each other through your actions on this social media network. You can spread positive thoughts or energy by engaging in friendly activities on the site. You have the ability to spread kindness, whether it be that you post an inspirational quote, send Facebook friends uplifting words, or support their accomplishments.

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