A Brief History of Christmas Trees

Decorating Christmas trees with lights and ornaments is a popular tradition for many Americans. People stand spruce, fir, and pine trees in their homes in December. The tradition dates back to evergreen boughs that Europeans hung in ancient times. Find out more in this short history of Christmas trees.

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Top 3 Funny Scenes in Movie The Proposal

The movie The Proposal, originally released in 2009, is a comedy that stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Awkward moments between the cast highlight the film. Betty White, who plays Reynolds’ grandmother “Gammy” in the movie, steps in with her witty attitude to add even more funny moments.

Bullock plays Margaret Tate, the forceful boss to Reynolds’ character Andrew Paxton. Margaret coaxes him to marry her so that she is able to stay in the United States rather than be deported back to Canada. The two characters are not dating and in fact do not get along well. The stage is set for plenty of fun.

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