Car Repairing: Involve Your Kids to Show Them the Basics

As a parent, involving your kids in minor car repairing is the best step you can take towards developing their skills. With this knowledge, they’ll be able to later maintain their own vehicles and feel more capable in case of any issues. If you haven’t already started taking your kids under your wing to show them things like how to check tire pressure, it’s not too late to start. Begin with the basics of auto maintenance, including air and oil filter inspections and creating a car emergency kit. Then progress as they grow up.

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Best Black Friday 2018 Deals for the Home

Home is where we spend a lot of time, aside from working, so ideally it’s a great place to relax and unwind. But if your house isn’t quite as cozy as you’d like it to be, you’ll find it’s easier to get it to that point with a few updates. Plus, these Black Friday 2018 deals are incredibly low, so now you can save a bit of money while doing home upgrades, whether they’re small or big. The at-home items here also make great presents for family and friends!

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New Pillows

Over time, the polyester filling in pillows bunches up or goes flat and becomes uncomfortable. It typically happens within just six months, unfortunately, which means you’re switching out pillows a few times a year. Or, let’s assume you’re doing that if you want a comfy sleep. But changing bedding that often can get expensive. But research shows that memory foam pillows can last twice or even three times as long as those cheap polyester pillows.

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Mental Health in the Workplace: To Tell or Not to Tell

This is Samantha guest posting today on mental health in the workplace. If you have received a mental health diagnosis, whether it was anxiety or schizophrenia, you have most likely faced some tough calls when it came to opening up about your mental illness in your place of employment. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to opening up about this portion of their life, and they keep their secret guarded at all costs.

It took me years – and creating my own mental health blog – before I felt comfortable enough to share my own mental health diagnoses with an employer. Given my erratic behavior on occasions while at work, I would occasionally have to come to terms with the fact that I needed to explain some of what was going on with my mental health in the workplace. Otherwise I feared termination from a position that I so desperately needed to keep. Especially if I wanted to survive while being an adult out in the real world, with real bills to pay.

The Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

The mental health stigma is real and it’s misunderstood. So I am not here to tell you that you need to be honest with your employer about your mental health in the workplace. That alone is your choice, and only your choice to make. Don’t ever let anyone force you into sharing sensitive personal information about yourself unless you are 100 percent comfortable with disclosing it. What I can offer you are some of the pros and cons of telling or not telling your place of employment about your mental health based on my own experiences.

I have had times when revealing my true self worked out being beneficial, while other instances of being open about it led to me ultimately being treated unfairly along with feeling helplessly judged and targeted by my peers.

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Travel Abroad to Mayfair London: A Dream Weekend

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere luxurious and far from where you live? While you may not be able to do so financially, you can go to a high-end place like Mayfair London in your mind. The district of England is a beautiful area that is perfect for a weekend getaway. Let’s enjoy the weekend by shopping in Mayfair, enjoying delicious foods and relaxing within luxurious spas. Let’s go!

Saturday Shopping in Mayfair

Alright, let’s get this weekend started! Of course, we start in the heart of the bustling commercial district. It is a lavish weekend, and money is not an issue. ((Can you imagine?!))

In Mayfair, you have some of London’s finest shops surrounding you. There is lavish merchandise in the shops and friendly salespeople are more than willing to help you part with your money.

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