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Car maintenance in pandemic

Car Care and Maintenance Tips during Coronavirus

The biggest car care issue during the COVID-19 pandemic is that you’ll use your vehicle less than usual. You’ll also likely think about it less. But vehicle upkeep still matters, so use these car care and maintenance tips.

Your Car Right Now

The vehicle is likely sitting in your garage or driveway more than usual. Instead of three grocery runs a week, for example, you do one shopping trip to limit exposure to the virus. Instead of commuting every day to work, you spend most of the time working from home, whether you rent or own the residence.

Also, due to social distancing and lockdown laws, you might not use your car like you normally would to visit friends. Still, just because your car is not used that much doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore its maintenance. Instead, use a different approach to adapt to this unique situation. Here are some tips to help you out.

6 Car Care Tips during Coronavirus:

1. Mileage and Maintenance

The first thing worth keeping in mind is the mileage. Most time-bound car maintenance tips have in mind the mileage that people usually drive within this period of time. For instance, changing your oil every 5,000-7,500 miles usually makes sense.

But, what if you barely go 500 miles in three months these days? The answer is quite simple. Mileage is far more reliable as a metric, but you definitely shouldn’t expect that when sitting still in the garage your car doesn’t have to be maintained much. With that in mind…

2. Drive It Every Once in a While

Cars generally don’t fare well when not driven regularly. Idle time may sound like a scenario where your car receives less wear and tear, but that is not typically the case. To work properly, your engine needs attention.

It might surprise you to learn that if they stay in the garage for too long, vehicle engines tend to dry up. Not to mention that driving regularly charges the batter.

That means that you’re at risk of being unable to start the car after several weeks or even months of it sitting unmoved in a parking spot. So, take it for a random run now and then to keep it safe. In the interests of car care.

3. Fix and Improve

Under normal circumstances, you would have a lot of trouble leaving your ride at the mechanic long enough to do major car care and maintenance tips. Imagine relinquishing the vehicle for three days amidst the work week. That’s not a pleasant thought.

On the other hand, during the coronavirus pandemic, you might spend several days at a time at home, which would make this decision easier to make. These repairs can be quite expensive, which is why you can save money by acquiring the parts on your own. For instance, if you drive a Toyota, you could look online for the most affordable Toyota parts and get what you need.

4. Nesting Pests

If your car is not used regularly, there’s a risk that pests might start nesting somewhere inside it. To prevent this scenario, you could scent the vehicle with minty sprays.

Also, inspecting the car for pests is not a very difficult task, so consider doing it now and then. Seeing as how rodents have a habit of chewing through cords and hoses, this task could be incredibly important for the overall safety of all the passengers.

5. Car Care: Keep It Clean

Next on the car maintenance tips list is the importance of keeping your vehicle clean. It’s a small interior and best when it’s a clean rather than dirty or cluttered, which would only add to your stress during the pandemic.

The last thing you want is to spend time in a dusty interior right now. That’s already true if you or someone else who will be in the vehicle have a respiratory problem.

Along with cleaning the inside, wash the outside too. That can keep the paint job at its best.

6. A Matter of Life and Death

The coronavirus can last up to 72 hours on certain surfaces, so it’s in your best interests to wipe down the interior and exterior door handles regularly. Doing so can lower the risks of getting COVID-19 in your household.

Obviously, the safest thing would be to minimize the number of people in the car at one time and to make sure everyone uses the necessary protection. However, it’s also important to thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle after every use.

Concluding Words on Car Care and Maintenance

The thing with car maintenance is the fact that it’s also a matter of budget. You see, in this situation, we’re all struggling financially. As a result, many people are making cuts in their household budget, and since their car is not being used regularly, it might not seem like a priority.

Just remember that keeping a car functional car is vital in the case of an emergency. Also, getting driven in other people’s cars and by other means is a potential health hazard. With just a bit of attention to detail and a willingness to do some DIY, you have the potential to stay on budget and have a well-functioning vehicle.

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