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Ways to build brand loyalty using social media.

5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media

Social media has infiltrated every aspect of our lives in the past decade. It has not only changed how we interact with people but how we live our lives. Thus, we do almost everything through social media today. We listen to music through a platform with social media integration. The videos and movies we watch are easily shareable in social media. These networks heavily influence brand recognition and consumer attitude, and there seems to be no sign of this trend from stopping or changing. Consumers are ever more informed about businesses and brands. It’s not enough that companies just plaster ads everywhere hoping to get noticed. Buyers want to have a deeper connection and meaning with the things that they do and the items that they buy. A business that wants to succeed and build a dedicated brand loyalty should take full advantage of social networking sites.

1. Be Transparent in Your Business

To begin with, be honest about your company’s vision and mission. This is a good way to get people to trust you. Furthermore, people want authenticity in this age of false modesty scattered all over. Being genuine is something that will translate to anyone seeing your page because people have developed an acute sense of falseness. People want to get to know the brand and if you show them what you are about with no hidden agenda people will see that and will appreciate you for being honest. Videos are a great example of showing a bit of personality on your social media page.

2. More than Just Selling

Also, building brand loyalty following is more than just earning an income. On the palm of each consumer’s hand is a device that taps into the infinite wisdom of the entire human race. Plus, they’re more informed and knowledgeable than ever before because of the rampant use of smartphones and tablets. You don’t want to seem desperate to make a buck. Instead, create a compelling story and share it in every platform. Engaging with users in your page will seem like an actual person runs it, rather than a robot.

3. Let Them Discover You

Another tip? A good way to draw people’s attention to your product is actually to stop talking about it. Hounding people about what you’re selling can put them off and lose interest. Instead, share your story as a company. Share your vision for the future and how you’re going to make an impact. Let them do the rest. If your story is compelling enough, people will flock to your site and discover for themselves what you’ll have to offer. This is an even more organic way of drawing an audience in.

4. Share the Social Media Spotlight

Don’t just talk about yourself or your business, introduce your employees too. Show the world that you’re not some corporate drone hell-bent on turning a profit. People appreciate a little bit of candor in their business owners and a great way to show this is by giving a voice to your employees. Thus, include their positive posts on your page or allow them to interact with customers. Remember that how you treat your employees is a good indication of how you run your business and ultimately how you take care of customers.

5. Building Brand Loyalty by Listening

Lastly, use the numerous social media platforms to listen to what people are saying about your business and listen well. Learn to weed through the noise and reach out to those who are genuinely trying to talk to you. Not responding to a post or a review will make you seem calloused and others will see it. Instead, give them a shout out if they’ve posted a good experience dealing with your business, or address those who were unsatisfied with the service. By having an open channel, you’ll find more success and build brand loyalty.

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