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Blue light blocking glasses benefits

Blue Light Glasses: Why They are Essential

If you don’t currently own a pair of blue light blocking glasses, you may be missing out. This is an amazing new development that is perfect for the needs of folks who work from home. Even if you have a full-time job that isn’t computer-based, you may still spend a lot of time online. Below are the top blue light glasses benefits, in case this technology is new to you.

Blue Light Protection is More Crucial Than Ever

A pair of gold aviator blue light blocking glasses doesn’t only just look cool. They have also been shown to have a number of beneficial effects that you ought to know more about. That is because your exposure to blue light is more frequent and more protracted than you may realize it to be.

Let’s face it, you really can’t get away from blue light. Everywhere you go, including and especially your own home, you’re probably going to be around it.

Every time you pull out your smartphone or turn on your computer or laptop, blue light is radiates right out at you. So, how to avoid it?

The answer is blue light glasses can do for you is to shield your eyes from the vast majority of harmful rays that leap out of the screen at you. This will help you lower your exposure to a source of great potential harm to your eyes.

The More Blue Light Blocked, the Better

The first thing you need to know about blue light is that is very bad for your eyes. A great deal of it comes straight from the source of all of our light, the sun. But that isn’t the only place where you can expect to encounter it.

Blue light floods into your eyes from your smartphone, Android, PC, laptop, tablet, and even your PlayStation. As a result, you are at risk for a wide range of negative side effects.

Unpleasant blue light side effects can include headaches, eye strain, nausea, physical and mental fatigue, and an inability to sleep. Blue light exposure can lead to one or more of these problems, as well as others.

It is, therefore, good to have a means of blocking out as much harmful blue light as possible. That is where the new breed of blue light blocking eyewear becomes useful.

The new glasses are recommended by industry experts. Why? Studies like the one done by the University of Houston in 2017 have shown a 58% increase in melatonin levels by wearers of the blue light blocking eyewear. Not only does that mean that there is less disruption at night with sleep but also you have the opportunity to be more productive during the evening hours.

How Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

The lenses have special coatings that give you the maximum level of protection from these harmful rays. There is are a specially designed anti-reflective coating and blue light blocking coating. Together, these layers work to filter harmful blue light from reaching your eyes.

Your retinas are the area that could sustain the greatest degree of damage from these harmful blue light rays. For this reason, the glasses that you buy should be coated with several of these protective layers.

It’s Time to Get the Protection You Need

There is no point in trying to pretend that harmful radiation from the computer screen can’t happen. Research has shown the potential harm of electromagnetic fields from laptops, for example.

It makes sense to protect yourself from harm, when possible. Blue light blocking glasses benefits provide a way to do that.

The sooner you get a pair of these glasses, the sooner you can begin to enjoy this protection. Offering your employees, if you have any, a pair can also be one of the wellness initiatives you implement soon.

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